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Bane is another one of our 11th Hour dogs who has been waiting for 7 months for his forever home... he too is a super shy like Sassy. Bane is great with other dogs and loves to dance for his foster mommy and daddy. He is completely house broken, knows how to get into his crate and loves to play with the other dogs. This gorgeous boy just needs someone who will be patient with him and let him explore the world on his own terms. A fence and other dogs would be perfect for this boy to adapt. This special needs boy would love to celebrate 2018 in his own forever home!



Bud is a 2 year old boy from the local shelter. He is a classic 100 pound lap dog. This boy is highly intelligent and takes direction extremely well. He already knows some basic skills - like sit, stay (up to 5 feet away), high five! The cutest thing about Bud is that he smiles... Bud has had a difficult life, he was surrendered to the shelter when he was only 6 months old and spent a lot of his time growing up there. Now that Bud is with 11th Hour, and with the continued loving support of the shelter, he has spent the last 5 weeks training with Tom Davis, America's Canine Educator. Bud has blossomed - he walks great on the leash and his basic obedience continues to grow. Bud will need that special family who will continue on with his education. He is truly a diamond in the rough!


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Meet Kona! Kona is a 1 year old female lab mix. Kona was the mom of the shelter... always ready to ease the fear and anxiety of new dogs that found themselves abandoned or surrendered by their owners. Kona is very sweet - ready to meet any dog - ready to play. Her happy smile is a reflection of who this little girl really is!


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Sassy is a 7-8 month old lab/dachshund mix, female. Her and her sister Nellie, came from a hoarding case. Like her sister Nellie, it took a little time for Sassy to learn to trust people. Sassy does best with ladies in her life, she will avoid any men. Sassy is awesome with other dogs (and we would recommend she be placed with other dogs in the family) and will go up to them licking their faces, wanting to play. She LOVES to run around the fenced in backyard chasing her sister and the other dogs. Sassy is a super snuggler - her favorite place is on the top of the couch, almost cat-like, with a paw on each of your shoulders. Sassy will need a family who has the patience to keep her moving in the right direction, learning that this big world isn't as scary as she thinks. Other dog(s) in the family would be ideal. Having a fenced in yard would also be perfect for her.


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Meet Sugg! Sugg is a 2 year old bulldog mix, male. This boy is a party waiting to happen! Sugg would LOVE a family who is active. Sugg loves everyone he meets and is great with all dogs! Do you have a high energy dog that needs a companion so you can take a breath? Sugg is you man! Sugg's best friend is another rescue named Roscoe - a boxer mix. These two play like goofballs! Sugg is awesome in his crate and house broken. If you are looking for an active, outgoing, lovable boy... give Sugg a try!


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Meet Taco! Taco is a local New York dog. "Life happened" and he ended up needing a new home. Taco is about a year old. He has lived with cats, kids (roughly 8 years old) and other dogs. Taco is shy at first, but given a little time to warm up, he becomes your best friend. He gives the softest kisses! Taco would do best with another dog who is playful and can help show him that new things are neat! He would prefer a fenced in yard to run around in. Cats are cool! Taco has had no issues meeting his feline friends. If you have a little patience and want a super sweet guy, Taco is a wonderful boy!