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Amos is a gentle big boy with a sweet temperament and a calm demeanor. This handsome boy has experienced some form of trauma in the past that resulted in the complete amputation of his left front leg, but he ignores his handicap and really is a normal dog. The loss of his leg does slow him down a little bit, but he is still active and mobile, and he is happy and well-adjusted. Amos is affectionate and well-behaved, and he seems to get along with everyone. He likes people. Amos was an owner turn in because he got in trouble with some chickens… Sweet Amos thinks chickens are play things, however, so he needs to be kept away from poultry and probably other small animals, as well. Amos is thought to be a mastiff mix. He weighs 80 pounds and is about 1-1/2 years old.


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Bacon is a 7 year old heeler mix, male. He is well socialized and friendly. Compared to his brother (Cotton) he is the most courageous. Bacon is a mellow guy – but given the chance, would love to run and play inside a fenced in area. Bacon is crate trained and doing great in the house. He loves to snuggle and when his brother is getting attention, he is ready to move in and get his share.


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Cotton is a 7 year old heeler mix, male. Compared to his brother (Bacon) he is a little more on the shy side. However, Cotton is definitely an old soul. Once he trusts you, he will eagerly look for attention. Like his brother, Cotton loves to run around in a fenced in yard playing chase with other dogs. Cotton loves to snuggle and is always looking for affection.


Image may contain: dogMeet Holmes! Holmes is a 8 year old terrier mix, male. Holmes is a mellow boy... he would love a walking buddy... he is a little chunky. He loves love! In these lasy days of summer, he will sit at your feet on the porch and take the day in. Holmes is house broken and tolerates his crate. Because Holmes is getting older, perhaps teenage children would be best. Otherwise if you are looking for a low key companion, Holmes is just wonderful!

Jolly - Canine Good Citizen in training!

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Jolly is a lab/terrier mix. This boy is highly intelligent and would LOVE an active family… although hanging on the couch is pretty cool too! Being that he is intelligent, he would be great in obedience or agility. This boy has some skills and he is a quick learner! Jolly would be best with a female who is happy and likes to play. Jolly can be a little bit of a king of the hill… but with the ladies, he is a mush!


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Meet Lilly - a courtesy posting through 11th Hour! My name is Lilly and I am a 6 year old spayed female pitbull. I was brought in to an animal hospital by a good Samaritan who saw me get hit by a car while running loose. The staff there quickly rushed me in to figure out what was wrong. A couple x-rays revealed that I had torn a few ligaments in my knee. In addition, I also needed a few emergency procedures, such as air needing to be removed from a collapsed lung. I had to have orthopedic surgery shortly thereafter to stabilize my injured knee. After a few months of daily physical therapy, I am finally stable enough to find my forever home. Although I love the staff and they were great enough to come in every single day for the last couple of months to help me recover, I really want to find my forever home! Unfortunately, I don't like other pets so I would need to be the only pet but that just means you can love me even more! I will need an owner that has experience with my breed and understands my medical needs from the accident. The staff has been working on basic training with me during my stay here. I walk well on the leash. I know “sit,” “stay,” “lay down,” “come,” and many other neat tricks! They got me all of my vaccines and all the vet care I needed. You can reach Emily at to learn more about me and come see me!


Odin is a super boy... 3-4 year old Terrier male. His foster family LOVES him! He is perfect in the house and has great house manners.  We don't know how he is with cats yet. Odin has a medium amount of energy, so if you like to go for walks or just hang out on the couch and watch movies... count him in!


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Sassy is a 1-2 year old lab/dachshund mix, female. Her and her sister Nellie, came from a hoarding case. Like her sister Nellie, it took a little time for Sassy to learn to trust people. Sassy does best with ladies in her life, she will avoid any men. Sassy is awesome with other dogs (and we would recommend she be placed with other dogs in the family) and will go up to them licking their faces, wanting to play. She LOVES to run around the fenced in backyard chasing her sister and the other dogs. Sassy is a super snuggler - her favorite place is on the top of the couch, almost cat-like, with a paw on each of your shoulders. Sassy will need a family who has the patience to keep her moving in the right direction, learning that this big world isn't as scary as she thinks. Other dog(s) in the family would be ideal. Having a fenced in yard would also be perfect for her.  Sassy is a bit of a talker - and will eagerly tell you her tale of woe... however she loves to join in with a good song!  You can have a great time having a conversation with her!


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Shelby is a 2 year old cattle dog mix, female. Shelby is a local gal who is as happy as can be. She is super smart – knows sit, down and shake! Shelby’s favorite thing when she meets someone is to turn over to get a belly rub! Shelby’s favorite thing to do is give kisses – and she will inch up to get closer and closer… and then she kissed you! Shelby would be best in a family with a male dog – or she would be just fine on her own. Shelby is AWESOME on the leash despite her 70 pound weight… she will walk right next to you! We think Shelby would be too interested in cats… so a home without would be best. Shelby has had experience with children so we think she would make a great family dog!


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Veto is a local mastiff mix that is 2 years old. This boy is very sweet. “Life happened” and Veto found himself in a local shelter. His favorite thing in the world is his stuffy – when he meets you, he will gladly bring it to share. Veto likes to play with the other dogs – so we think either a happy go lucky female or even a home where Veto can be the king of the castle – would be best. Veto is a big guy – so a family experienced in mastiffs without small children (that could get pushed over) would be best for him. Veto is a really great guy who also knows quite a bit of obedience commands! He knows sit, down, shake... just to start! This guy is just so eager to please… he would be a great companion for an active family.