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Buzz is an 8-9 year old male mix. This boy was adopted roughly 5 years ago from 11th Hour, but then life happened. Buzz is a happy guy. Buzz likes to play with the other dogs. His most favorite thing is to sit on the back deck in the cold weather taking his surroundings in. Buzz loves his people and will eagerly roll over to get a belly scratching. We wouldn’t recommend cats – since Buzz is a little too interested in them. Buzz would be good with a family who has older kids due to his size (around 80 pounds).


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Meet Dori! She is a 2 year old female mutt... Dori is a super smart girl! She knows all the basics and is eager to entertain you. She is about 30 pounds and very spunky! Dori is fine with a physical fence or an e-fence. Dori would do best in a home without small children. She thrives in a structured environment. Dori would love to be a hiking partner with you! She easily could master any obedience and she would LOVE to do agility!


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Mazda - I love this handsome boy! Mazda is a hunk and is he ever a sweetie! He is a hound mix, is only about 1-2 years old, and weighs forty-four pounds. Mazda is very well-socialized, is affectionate, and he loves people. Mazda is very alert and attentive, seems very intelligent, and is obedient. He is a handsome tri-color hound mix, and he appears to have eyeliner makeup around his strikingly pretty pale blue eyes. This boy is a "knockout"! He is sociable, friendly, gentle, calm, and very well-behaved! Mazda was brought to the shelter as a stray. Mazda is just fine with cats. Mazda would thrive in a home with a fenced in yard and a happy, playful female dog to romp around in the yard with.


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Morgan is a 2-3 year old Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier, male. This boy is a classic terrier – and since he is so true to his breed, we would like him to be placed with someone who understands the characteristics of this breed. Morgan is classic – he is a “bouncer” and will jump up and try to lick your face. He is has a nice amount of energy and is super eager to learn. Morgan absolutely needs a fence – because he is exploratory. Morgan is fine with other dogs – and continued socialization is truly important. Morgan can and has been an only dog – as long as his new people understand him and that he truly values being with his people. Morgan is bright and sensitive – and loves his butt scratched! Yet, this boy is headstrong and will need an assertive (compassionate) trainer to motivate this boy. Morgan is an active go-getters. He requires regular opportunities to vent their energy and do interesting things. Otherwise you will end up with a frustrated, bored Wheaten. Frustrated, bored Wheaten can make a shambles of your house and yard. Overall, Morgan is a fabulous dog who would thrive with a compassionate yet consistent owner.


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Meet Stanley! Stanley is a handsome young hunk at only nine months of age. This boy is a party waiting to happen! He is very much a puppy – so sometime his energy is a little off putting for other dogs. But that is OK – Stanley is very happy to sit next to you for a pet and a belly rub. Stanley is a very affectionate boy with a loving personality. Stanley would do great with an active family – and probably another dog so they can run and play. Definitely needs a fence so he can play. Stanley would do great with someone who would like to do some obedience training – he would be a wonderful student! This little guy is ready to please and looking for his forever home!


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Titan is a 3 year old male, Husky/Boxer mix. We are pretty sure of his mix since we know who is parents are. Titan is about 80 pounds - and all boy! He has the qualities of a Boxer - energetic, loves to try anything - and that of a Husky - he would love to be in dog pulling, is happy pulling you on a skate board and even enjoys ice fishing! Titan is looking for a home with an active family. This boy needs a 6ft fence (because he can easily jump a 4 foot fence - maybe a good agility candidate?). He is an energetic guy - so little kids probably wouldn't be a good fit with his size and energy.