Loki is a male, 7-8-month-old Heinz 57 (he is a little bit of everything... Catahoula, etc.).  Loki is a very happy guy - and still very much a puppy.  Loki does awesome with other dogs - male or female.  He LOVES to run and play.  We have learned a lot about this boy while he has been in foster care.  Loki is a young guy - he will need to be in a home with another dog, specifically a female dog who loves to run and play.  Loki will wrestle with the other dogs too - but he is always good natured about play time.  Loki needs a fence.  Loki did live with a family without a fence - and he started to display characteristics that showed he needs exercise (like running) to keep him a balanced, happy dog.  Loki is crate trained as we work through house breaking (which he is about 99% there!).  Loki loves toys - especially the heavy-duty Nyla bone type.  Loki does jump up a little and can be a bit mouthy (like a puppy) - but he is learning self-control as he grows into a confident teenager.  This boy is so eager to please - and just so happy with another doggy friend and a family who will love him as much as he loves them.  We believe Loki would be fine with cats.  Overall, a handsome, great natured boy!