Remembering Reilly


Sometimes we are honored to meet real angels here on earth who adopt a dog that most people would overlook.  Reilly was a dog we brought over from Spain.  He had been abandoned in an old well, was both blind and epileptic.  Reilly had been ...with us for over a year - no inquiries until one night we received a call from Bob and Chris.  Here are their memories of Reilly:
Hi, This is Chris and Bob from Olean NY. We adopted Reilly from you March of 2012. We are Very sad to say Reilly passed away Sunday Aug 25th 2013. We are going to miss him sooooo much! He made us smile and laugh all the time.

   He came to us at the age of 12 He was 100% Blind with Seizures and medications.
  He learned very quickly the lay out of our living room and kitchen, down 4 steps and out the back door.. to his bathroom area. We built a fence in our back yard so he could feel his was in and out of our house. We had a special place for his "special Raised food and water dishes". He had no problem remembering where they were located.

  He loved dinner time! He would dance and smile while we prepared his special dinner!! He was fed everyday at 5:00 and he new what time it was. If it was 5:15 he would come stand by and bug you until you realized it was dinner time and he wanted to eat! He taught our other 2 dogs, Precious and Logi  how to do this. Not to long after Reilly's practice of teaching us "time to eat" they would join with him.. saying "Time to eat" by barking and whining or sometimes just putting there chin on your knee and just staring at you.. Yes the blind dog
  We loved him so much.Our hearts have a whole for Reilly. We Miss him beyond belief!
  He is in Heaven now no longer in pain. He's running and playing and can see everything.
  We miss you bud!!

  Thank you for the opportunity of enjoying Reilly's companionship and becoming a part of our family.
  Bob and Chris Veno.See More